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Whether your looking for a single drum, a full drum kit or drum shells to build your own set, we can customize your order to fit your dreams. Contact Tim Damon to discuss the many possibilities. Not only can we achieve the perfect sound you have been looking for through the use of a variety of solid hardwood species, or a combination of species, we can also fine tune your particular requests by varying shell thickness, bearing edges styles, snare bed configurations and head choice -- and don't forget asthetics!  We can use almost any species or combination of species of hardwood in either straight-grained or figured varieties.  From curly maple curly black walnut and curly cherry to quilted exotic species; there is almost an infinite variety of choices! Want the sound of mahogany but like the looks of kerilian birch burl? 
No problem, we can make the shells from one species and veneer the outside of the shells with an unending variety of burl or figured wood veneer.
For questions, comments or to contact Tim Damon:
Email or Call (315)244-1454
Damon Drums will take trade-ins of quality, excellent to mint condition drums toward the purchase of new Damon Drums.  Please contact Tim Damon for a trade-in quote.  Please be prepared to email good quality photos of your trade-in.